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Harness the Power of Experiential Value for your Organization

The experience economy is here and is creating an entirely new landscape for business, marketing and employee engagement. This interactive workshop will share what the experience economy is, how it operates and the advantages and opportunities that are available to organizations that develop and leverage experiential value for their needs and purposes. Through this workshop, participants will learn how to generate and measure experiential value, identify areas in their organization where experiential value can be applied, and generate creative strategies to integrate experiential value for greater impact. Participants will leave the workshop with the tools needed to continue generating and measuring experiential value. 

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discover the four principles of the magic body


Each of us has the potential to move with ease and without pain. The process of tapping into this potential is not difficult nor does it require specific exercises. Rather, it can be achieved through regular application of basic principles to our everyday movement. This workshop introduces four basic principles that can be applied to everyday movement that, over time, improve posture, increase efficiency of movement, and expand one’s movement range beyond what they thought was possible. In this workshop, participants learn how to apply these principles to their everyday movement and thus begin the journey toward discovering the true magic of their bodies. Movement has never felt so good. 


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optimize your decision-making process

We each have a unique decision-making style that is not likely to change over the course of our lives. This style is expressed in all of the decisions we make each day, from the smallest decisions, such as what to eat for breakfast, to the largest decisions, such as changing careers. Movement Pattern Analysis is a system of identifying one’s unique decision-making style according to how they move. By knowing our decision-making profile, we can optimize our decision-making process both as individuals and as part of teams. This workshop introduces Movement Pattern Analysis and describes the ways in which our decision-making styles can be leveraged to improve our quality of work, our relationships and ability to reach our goals.

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Give Children a Learning Edge with Body-Based Learning.

The body is a powerful tool for young children to learn cognitive skills such as reading and numbers. In this workshop for early childhood educators, exercises that use the whole body as a learning device are introduced as tools to enhance the preschool curriculum. The kinesthetic experience of learning with the whole body supports cognitive development and provides a strong foundation for reading, math and physical awareness.