Cafe Zona Sur - Commercial for Cafe Zona Sur. Choreographed by Jessica Harris and Austin Selden

Music: Michael Wall

Sidewalk attempts to make visible the contrast between a western sense of public space that is ordered, predefined, and isolating, versus the more fluid approach held by the people of Varanasi, which creates a stronger sense of ownership over public space.  

Man-Bird Learns to Fly - Choreographed by Jessica Harris. Performed by Jessica Harris and Tulsi Mehta

Invisible Ablutions is an original performance work conceived in collaboration between Daniel Rothbart and Jessica Harris for the Galerie Depardieu's booth at VOLTA NY 2013. This performance took place on October 1, 2013 as part of the SOUNDING SPACES project at Spectrum on New York's Lower East Side.

Movement in "Invisible Ablutions" creates a temporary emotional context for Mr. Rothbart's vessels. Ms. Harris, the dancer in the piece, has asked the audience to write something they would like cleansed from their life on a piece of paper and to place it is a vessel. Upon reading each request, she attempts to support their desire with her intention, working to release the unwanted through her fingertips. 

While teaching in India, school was cancelled! But the kids still came to school, so we made a video:

Sewing Happiness - A Video Storybook created and edited by Jessica Harris

WATERLINES by Daniel Rothbart | Performed by Daniel Rothbart and Jessica Harris | Hosted by Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery and Reading Room as part of its yearlong exploration of Water | Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn NY | June 28, 2014 | Sculpture by Daniel Rothbart | Choreography by Jessica Harris and Daniel Rothbart | Videography by Sean Dahlberg and Daniel Rothbart | © Daniel Rothbart 2014

The Evolution of Leadership in the Digital Age is a live installation performance that illustrates how leadership is evolving in the digital age. This performance took place at NYU Gallatin as part of the Gallatin Arts Festival. 

Leadership GAF 26.jpg

Leadership Capacities is a live installation performance that brings to life different leadership capacities.

Thesis performance  - 31.jpg
Thesis performance 2.jpg
Thesis performance  - 8.jpg